Revaluation information is available for owners of multiple lots who may be affected by changes in how multiple lots are taxed.  Click here.
                                           6 - 8 PM (formerly 7 - 9 PM)
Effective January 1, 2019

This web could have more than 400 caterpillars in it. As those caterpillars grow, contact with hairs from them cause a rash for most people and can cause serious reactions in sensitive individuals. Clip webs and soak them in a bucket of soapy water overnight or destroy to reduce the numbers of larger caterpillars this spring and summer.  CLICK HERE for more information about eliminating Browntail Caterpillars NOW!

Public Budget Meeting
Wednesday, May 22, 2019   7:00pm
Mount View Middle School gym
575 Mount View Rd., Thorndike, Maine 04986