Q.        Can I license my dog online?
A.        Yes, but only from October 15 through January 31.  Please go to https://www1.maine.gov/cgi-bin/online/dog_license/index.pl
Q.        Who do I contact about a plumbing permit?
A.        Our Code Enforcement Officer, Don Harriman. 207-322-8209
Q.        Do I have to fill out any forms to build in Liberty?
A.        Yes, you need to go to the Town Office and make out an "Intent to Build" form or you can access it by clicking here.  Print it, complete it and mail it to Planning Board, P.O. Box 116, Liberty, ME  04949, or drop it off at the office.  Also, you will need to apply to the Planning Board for a permit if you are in the Shoreland Zone.  The application for a Shoreland Permit can be accessed by clicking here as well as at Town Office.
Q.        Where do I get a Fire Permit?
A.        Fire permits are free.  They are available at the Town Office or you can go to www.wardensreport.com to complete the application and submit it to our Fire Chief.  Contact Fire Chief Bill Gillespie at 542-3794 if you have questions.
Q.        How can I apply for General Assistance?
A.        You may obtain an application from the Town Clerk’s office, or online by clicking here.  Complete the application and bring it to the Town Office during regular office hours or, if it's an emergency situation, call  the town office  during weekdays.
Q.        How do I obtain a 911 address?
A.        You should contact the Town Office (207) 589-4318.