FAQ's continued

Q.        When are my property taxes due?
A.        In October and May.  You have the opportunity to make two installment payments.  You will receive ONE bill in late September.  The first installment is due in October and the second installment is due in May.  Even if you choose to pay in two installments, there will not be a reminder sent out in May so you should retain the second pay stub on the bottom of the bill as your reminder, and mark your calendar.  If you have missed any payment due dates, please call the office at 207-589-4318 for the amount due at this time.  Interest begins accruing on the unpaid 1st installment the day after it is due.

We do accept partial tax payments and prepayments of any amount on all bills.  Payments are always applied to the oldest outstanding tax bill first.  We do accept credit and debit cards. Note: There is a 2.5% fee charged by the bank on any debit or credit card payments. Click here to pay on-line.

Q.        I have a camp on the water and I want to replace my deck and add gravel to my driveway.  Do I need a permit?
A.        If you are doing any work within 250 feet of the water, chances are you need a permit, and you should contact our Code Enforcement Officer, Don Harriman, 207-322-8209.

Q.        How do I get a marriage license?
A.        Marriage licenses may be obtained from the town in which one member of the couple resides.  If you are both from out-of-state ad wish to be married in Maine, then you may get a license from any municipality.  Click here to complete the Marriage Intentions Form and bring it in to the town office.  Both members of the couple must be present to sign the form in front of the clerk, or you may sign it before a notary public.  Be prepared to show ID.  If you have been previously married, you must show the original stamped divorce decree from your most recent marriage.  Please allow time for the clerk to prepare the marriage license as we are unable to do it during open office hours.