ELECTRONIC PAYMENTS: We are now accepting credit and debit cards for all transactions at the Town Office. PLEASE NOTE: There is a 2.5% fee charged by the bank for all debit or credit card purchases. You can also register motor and recreational vehicles online from your own computer, but keep in mind that it takes about a week for the sticker for your license plate to come in the mail if you register this way.

NOTE:  First installment of 2020 property taxes due October 10, 2019
           Second installment of 2020 property taxes due May 5, 2020!
The following transactions can be made online through the links we have provided.  
·         Vehicle re-registrations
·         Real Estate Tax payments
·         ATV re-registrations
·         Boat re-registrations
·         Snowmobile re-registrations
·         Hunting Licenses
·         Fishing  Licenses
·         Dog Licenses
·         Birth, Death & Marriage Certificates (Mail only, not online)
Some transactions will require personal interaction. 
·         New Vehicle Registrations
·         Petition Certifications
·         Voter Registrations
·         Vehicle re-registrations that are currently expired over 6 months
·         Any New ATV, Boat & Snowmobile Registrations
·         Marriage Licenses
You can pay your Real Estate and Personal Property Tax Bills online!
Click here to pay online.
(If you pay by credit card please note there is a fee of 2.5% of the transaction, with a $1 minimum fee. If you pay by electronic check there is a flat fee of only $1.50. Click here for step by step instructions to pay by electronic check.)