The Summer Swimmers program

The Summer Swim Program takes place for two weeks each summer at the Public Boat Landing at Stevens Pond in Liberty. This program has been running at this location since 2013. Since the summer of 2022, the program has been run and organized by Carolyn Steeves. Carolyn is the Aquatics Director at the Waldo County YMCA in Belfast. She has been a Lifeguard and Swim instructor since 2014, and has taught many Waldo County Kids how to swim.

The Summer Swim Program allows children ages 5 – 15 years to learn all swim skills from beginners to advanced. Children who are ready for traditional lessons, with a group of similar age and skill level, will be placed in one of four groups: Beginner, Young Moderate, Older Moderate and Advanced.

The beginner level will focus on floating and being comfortable going under water. Younger Moderate will gain skills with assisted swimming with their instructor, where the Older Moderate group will be gaining independent skills. Lastly, the Advanced group will work towards stroke mechanics and distance swimming. All levels will have some short segments of safety around water as well.

We have found that with just two weeks of consistent skill work, a lot of confidence and skills can be gained. Our goal is to not only help kids feel safe and confidant in and around the many bodies of water that Liberty and Montville have to offer, but the ease the mind of Parents bringing young swimmers to the ponds or lakes.