Town Administrator

Nicole Gates


Feel free to contact Nicole with any questions for the Selectboard

The Town Administrator is responsible for assisting the Selectboard to manage the affairs of the Town of Liberty in keeping with the Ordinances and the Laws of the State of Maine and of the United States.

This employee is appointed by and directly responsible to the Selectboard.  They shall perform such duties as may be directed by the Board.  Responsibilities include, but are not limited to, maintaining liaisons with Department Heads, the General Public, Businesses, Civic Groups, and State and Federal Agencies; developing administrative procedures and insuring adherence to same; annually preparing the Town Meeting Warrant & Town Report; identifying the service and policy needs of the community and bringing same to the attention of the Board.  The Administrator is also charged with the maintenance of sound positive public relations between the Town and it’s citizens, other governmental agencies, the various Boards and Commissions of the Town.

The person in this position also performs such other duties as may be directed by the Selectboard.